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1/ Company Description
1/ Brand Origin
· Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat is an artisan chocolate manufacturer that produces
bean-to-bar chocolate in Vietnam.
· Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat was founded by Vincent Mourou and Samuel Maruta
in 2011.
· Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat’s head office is located at 120/4 Street 13, Binh
Chieu, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.
· Besides chocolate bars, Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat also offers customers
chocolate tasting classes hosted by chocolate experts and a wide variety of French-
style cakes, drinks with the main ingredient is cacao powder at its café and retail
shops – Maison Marou Saigon, Maison Marou Thao Dien, and Maison Marou
1/ Mission Statement
“People see Vietnam as a place for making cheap stuff; we decided to go niche and
upmarket.” – Samuel Maruta.
· Vietnam has been believed to be a potential supplier of cocoa beans in Asia since
many multinational companies including Cargill, Mars, Puratos Grand Place, etc.,
have heavily invested in Vietnam’s cocoa industry (Duy Anh 2014). However,
there has been hardly any Vietnam identity in their finished products. Therefore,
Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat decided to be the first business in Vietnam producing
premium chocolate bars from ingredients that are Vietnam in origin (Hao 2016).
· Strong relationships, quality standards, and sustainability are Marou Faiseurs de
Chocolat’s priorities in its business and there is a strong connection between these
priorities (Ameln 2019). Since it wants to have control of the products from the
farm to the factory, there is no intermediary between Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat
and Vietnamese cacao farmers. This means that Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat can
give farmers direct feedback on the quality of cocoa beans which are required to
be clean – in other words, pesticide free and chemical free. Moreover, these
requirements imply that Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat also pays attention to soil
health which directly impacts the quality of its raw material – cocoa beans. In case
the farmers need the supply of facilities and seedlings, Marou Faiseurs de
Chocolat provides them with financial and technical support. Meanwhile, the
income of the farmers can be significantly maximized and be more stable as they
do not have to include the middleman fee in their cost. As a result, their B2B
(business-to-business) relationship is strengthened and sustained.
1/ History
· 2011: Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat was officially established by 2 co-founders
Vincent Mourou and Samuel Maruta.
· 2012: Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat started exporting their products.
· 2015: Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat started the Madagui Agroforestry Project
which aims to prevent land degradation and expand cacao cultivation area at the

same time.
· 2016: Maison Marou Saigon was opened at 167-169 Calmette, District 1, Ho Chi
Minh City.
· 2017: Maison Marou Hanoi was opened at 91 Tho Nhuom, Hoan Kiem District,
· 2020: Maison Marou Thao Dien was opened at 90 Xuan Thuy, District 2, Ho Chi
Minh City.
2/ Product Description
2/ Features and Functions
· One of the most important features that make Marou chocolate bars outstanding
from mass-produced ones in Vietnam chocolate market is their “bean-to-bar”
· Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat is the first chocolate manufacturer in Vietnam that
uses cocoa beans grown and hand-picked in Vietnam to produce bean-to-bar
· After being harvested and scooped out of cacao pods, the raw beans undergo
fermentation stage in which they are stored in wooden crates in order to raise their
internal temperature and lightly transform their aromas. Then these fermented
beans are dried in the sun for about 10 days before being carefully selected to
ensure they are not below standard.
· The next step is gently roasting cocoa beans so that their delicate flavors can be
preserved and developed. These roasted beans then are winnowed by machines and
go through a 48 hour long grinding process which turns cocoa nibs (winnowed
beans) into paste called “cocoa mass”. Also in this grinding process, sugar is
added into cocoa mass. Marou then adds extra cocoa butter pressed from separate
batches of their own cocoa to bring a smooth texture and body to the bar.
· In the final step – tempering , the liquid chocolate is brought to the perfect
temperature before it is cooled down in customized moulds.
· It can be easily noticed that two main ingredients of Marou chocolate bars are
cocoa and sugar.
2/ Designing and Labelling
According to Samuel Maruta, Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat made a significant
investment in design since the 2 co-founders were aware that it would be challenging
to introduce their chocolate bars to the market at the time “fine chocolate” was
practically a new term in Vietnam. Marou chocolate bars are packaged in wrappers
that are hand-printed by using traditional silk-screen printing techniques. The
packaging of Marou chocolate bars was appraised as “a piece of art” by Hello
Chocolate!’s owner – Minkov thanks to the perfect combination of traditional golden
monotone lattice patterns being decorated with hand-drawn clouds, flora, and fauna
details on different colored backgrounds which match the colors of cacao pods
(Knowledge@Wharton18 Sep 2015). Moreover, as shown in figure 1, the packaging
of Marou chocolate bars provides customers with information about the origin and the
content of cocoa beans used to produce that bar (Arnaud de Harven & Wing Chan).
2/ Brand Awareness

Hanoi gourmet, etc)

Marou also owned 3 chocolate shop named “Maison Marou” with 2 in Ho Chi Minh city and

1 in Hanoi

  • Marketing services agencies: are firms that are responsible for making the product
    targeted and promoted to the right market. Marou is not in cooperation with any
    marketing agency, instead, they advertise their products and services themselve
    through communication platform like social media (facebook fanpage)
  • Physical distribution firms: are firms that help companies transport goods. However,
    due to Marou’s vision of not using any intermediary, they coordinate and pay for all
    transportation from the farms to our warehouse in Saigon (Gregor, S 2018)
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  • Consumers, who directly have an impact on profit of a company, are individuals who
    purchase goods or services for personal consumption. It is only when the relationship
    between customer and company has been strengthened that the company can capture
    more in return. Marou’s target is both consumer market and international market. But
    their target customers are mostly people from middle to upper class. So far, Marou
    chocolate has been sold in twenty countries, including the United States, France,
    Sweden, Japan, and South Korea. But “their largest market, unsurprisingly, given the
    founders’ French heritage, is France” (‘From Bean to Bar: Expatriates in Vietnam
    Taste Sweet Success’ 2015). Marou customers are both in urban and suburban areas,
    but they mostly use the chocolate as fine snacks or special gifts. The market of
    chocolate confectionery shows an upward trend in these recent years, mostly due to
    the cultural introduction of the western to Vietnam, which turn chocolate into
    meaningful and special gifts.


Competitors are other firms or organizations that can indirectly or directly compete with a

company’s products and goods and affect that company’s profit.

  • Direct competitors: Marou is now competing with a variety of forgein chocolate
    companies which have a larger market share and influence. Mars Inc is the dominant
    chocolate confectionery in Vietnam, with 12,7% of the market share belonging to
    them. As they are more well known to customers thanks to a variety of advertising

campaigns carried out and a wide range of products introduced to customers like
M&M’s, Snickers. Another competitor is Kit Kat chocolate bars, a product belonging
to Nestle Inc. With multiple options between flavor and ingredients included in the
bar, Kit Kat has a more familiar position in terms of customer familiarity to brands.
This is the result after continuous marketing campaigns on Television, billboards with
a mesmerizing slogan: “Have a break.. a Kit Kat”

  • Indirect competitor: beside chocolate bars, Vietnam also has other biscuit/cookies/
    crackers and snacks with a more competitive and affordable price compared to Marou
    chocolate. A long known butter cookie brand is Danisa, which has been used as a gift
    box for a while because of its convenient tin packaging and delicious taste. Or
    Chocopie, a chocolate cake mixed marshmallow product of Orion company, is also
    favoured by customers from all age ranges. Along with it, Orion’s snacks are also
    popular, which help the incorporation take 6,1% of the total company share (Passport).


Public is groups that can cause impact toward a company capability in achieving their goals.
– Local public: with the mission of using local ingredients and encouraging cacao
farming in Vietnam, Marou has hugely contributed in improving local residents’ living
standard. Moreover, by not using intermediaries, the farmers can earn more than
average. Marou also has continued to raise their prices although the commodity price
for cacao has dropped off so that farmers can still earn enough (Gregor, S 2018).
For the past 7 years, Marou has paid 1 million USD to small fermenters.
Marou’s actions have helped create jobs for the local and also develop Cacao farming.

  • Marou is also developing a MADAGUI AGROFORESTRY PROJECT, which they
    plant 9,000 cacao seedlings of 9 genetic varieties under a thinned forest canopy in
    order to keep the land from erosion (Gregor, S 2018).


It is not much to say that Vietnamese are proud of the fascinating cuisine with many
traditional dishes that are well known around the world such as Pho or Hu Tieu. Based on this
mentality of the customers, many companies in the food industry have launched products that
contain the flavor of Vietnamese dishes. Marou in 2019 has launched Pho – flavored chocolate

in the development of Marou. In the last few years, Vietnam’s obesity rates have been
increasing and took the lead among South East Asia countries. This trend could lead to a big
impact on Marou. Take the Tien Giang 70% as an example. In 100g of Tien Giang 70%, it
contains 39 fat, 25 saturated fat, and 30 sugar. According to WHO (World Health
Organisation), the maximum sugar intake is around 50g. In comparison with other
competitors of Marou such as Snickers which contain 52g in just 100g of chocolate, this could
be an advantage for Marou on the market. Nevertheless, Marou’s target customers can vary
from different ages and incomes. With some products such as Ben Tre 78% or Ba Ria 76%,
Marou only charges around 100 for 80g, with exclusive or limited products such as
Cashew Praline or Candied Ginger, it can cost around 150 for 80g. This is
considered a reasonable price for one of the tastiest chocolate in the world in the Vietnam
In recent years, there has been no big chance in politics among trading countries. This is a
very good chance for businesses to grow. Goods can be easily traded between countries.
Specifically for Marou, this is a good opportunity to promote its products widely around the
On the 2nd of August 2019, a national conference reviewing 10 years of implementation of
‘Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods’ was held. During the conference,
Deputy Prime Minister – Trinh Dinh Dung stated the campaign has created trust among
Vietnamese and foreign customers in Vietnamese market. Besides, it also protected customer
rights as well as responsible for preventing counterfeits products. Thanks to the campaign,
many Vietnam enterprises have realized the importance of quality, technology, and production
At the moment, Marou still has no technological breakthroughs in the production or
packaging, however, Marou still guarantees quality chocolate bars. In comparison with 10
years ago, many manufacturers have melted industrial chocolate blocks to deceive customers
but Marou always yearns to find the core value of the chocolate bars. Therefore the only way
is to use pure cacao beans and raw sugar. Since then, the ‘bean-to-bar’ production model has
been used by Marou and oriented the production line. Although not using modern or advanced
technology. Marou always commits to customers that each cacao bean is carefully checked by
hand to bring out the most guaranteed products.


  1. Strengths
    • Introduced to the market in 2011, Marou chocolate has been considered the
      first “bean-to-bar” Vietnamese chocolate in the world and ranked 1st in 2018,
      The Daqian Times.
    • According to Marou Cacao Report 2018, one of the signature things that
      make Marou different from the other chocolates is that the variety of flavors
      come from the difference in soil, water, and post-harvest practices of different
      provinces of Vietnam.
  • Marou packaging has quite diverse designs based on Vietnamese culture.
    Furthermore, Marou packaging process is completely manual to bring the best
    quality for every single customer and be considered “a piece of art” – Waugh,
    Wharton University of Pennsylvania 2015.
  • Since “Marou wants clean cacao”- Lau said (Maruta, S 2015), the process of
    producing a marou chocolate bar is strict in ingredients. Therefore, every
    single chocolate bar from Marou is of quality standard and especially no
    pesticides, no chemicals.
  1. Weaknesses
    • Compared to other competitors like Snickers or M&M, Marou does not have
      a wide range of distribution including supermarkets like Coop Mart, Aeon
      Mall, and convenient stores such as Circle K and Vinmart, where consumers
      can more easily approach the products than specific stores.
    • Although Marou chocolate has achieved some success in the world, it is still
      not popular with Vietnamese consumers because it lacks advertisement.
      Marketing strategies as well as campaigns are limited to its social media such
      as Facebook and Instagram.
    • Marou’s workforce has only 20 people resulting in a restricted number of
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. 3. Opportunities
– While Vietnamese people tend to rather "international products" than
"domestic ones", the government has launched the “Vietnamese people
prioritize Vietnamese goods” campaign, and Marou chocolate – one of the
Vietnamese high-end brands with improved products and image – has taken
this advantage to make a profit and gain the attraction of customers, Vietnam
Government Portal 2019.
– Thanks to Vietnam has coped relatively effectively during the outbreak of
COVID-19, from early May 2020, schools, agencies, as well as businesses,
reopened. Therefore, activities for gifting occasions still going on and
considered opportunities for making profits (Euromonitor 2020).
– Vietnam is an emerging nation with a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per
capita increased throughout the last few years. Moreover, participating in WTO
and APEC has positive impacts on trading also in the economy. As a result,
once Vietnamese people feel comfortable spending, they will consume more
products like Marou chocolate for example.

  1. Threats
    • Because of the global pandemic, Vietnamese people are being conscious of
      living healthily and tend to prefer nutritional food than chocolate confectionery since
      they perceive chocolate leads to negative effects like weight gain and obesity
      (Euromonitor 2020).

regular user

User rate: light –
medium user

Tourists Age: 18-

Gender: male and

Marriage status:
single/ married

Income: middle and
high income (> 10
million VND/ month)

Occupation: varies

Education: varies

Social class: middle
and upper class

Personality traits:
active, adventurous,
high self-awareness,
generous, independent

Lifestyle: love
traveling, adventurous,
generous, seeking for
new experiences

Benefits sought: high-
quality product, unique
and special gift

Occasion: recurring
personal occasions

Loyalty: medium to

User status: first-time
user, regular user

User rate: light –
medium user

Urban and
suburban areas


Having acknowledged and understood their customers’ needs, Marou chocolate has
successfully used differentiated targeting strategy to satisfy their customers. Marou chocolate
has various chocolate bars which differ from the amount of cocoa it contains. For instance,
those who prefer more bitter chocolate can choose BEN TRE 78% and TIEN GIANG 70% if
they want a light bitterness in the chocolate.
Among the three segments mentioned above, business people and tourists are the two
main groups that Marou aims to.
The first core segment that Marou is currently targeting is businessmen and
This group of people with middle and high income is always busy with their
work. Sometimes they will be in a state of fatigue and need a product with a high percentage

of cocoa such as chocolate to cheer them up. Marou has various chocolate bars with different

cocoa content and packaging which allows customers to choose the most suitable one for
them. Hence, many customers in this segment find premium Marou chocolate bars as a cure
when they are tired. Furthermore, businessmen and women are usually those who have
already settled in work and family so they will want to buy chocolate for their children.
Takada and Pham (2012) reported that a Japanese customer named Naoko Otsuka said “I also
need to feed my son, a senior high school student, with chocolate to ease the stress from long
hours of studies ahead of his university entrance exams.” With beautiful and attractive
packaging, Marou chocolate is chosen by many middle and upper class parents as a snack for

their kids.
Foreign tourists have been the second major group that Marou wanted to target.
International tourists in Vietnam grew from 10 million to approximately 16 million people
from 2016 to 2018 (Figure 2) and they brought more than 50% of the profit of tourism in
Vietnam (Trang Anh 2020). Tourists are those who are adventurous, curious, always want to
experience new things, meet new people and try different foods; thus, they will be interested
in special and unique chocolate brands such as Marou. Moreover, many people want to buy
meaningful and delicate gifts for their relatives after a journey to another country. Marou
Faiseurs de Chocolat, with no doubt, is the best choice for a special gift that one can buy for
their beloved people. Lin (2012) addressed that Marou gathered papers that are designed and
manually printed by artisanal printers in Cho Lon in such ceremonies to make sure the
package is fully connected to Vietnamese culture. With the unique and symbolic patterns for
Vietnam on the packaging, Marou’s chocolate bars are chosen by many foreign tourists in
Vietnam as a present.


1. Product Differentiation:

  • “Bean-to-bar” Chocolate: The way Marou makes chocolate is one of the
    factors distinguishing it from other brands, which is associated with the phrase
    “Bean-to-bar”. This means Marou keeps their materials under control by selecting
    cacao at the farm to ensure the quality matches their expectation before transferring
    them to their factory for the transformation process. Marou puts a lot of effort into
    making chocolate with many sophisticated stages that require good timing and
    meticulosity, so that their products’ quality is as high as possible and the scent is
    special, such as tobacco or licorice. Marou brings to their customers a really French,
    in terms of technique, and truly Vietnamese, in terms of materials, chocolate (Vincent


  • Different flavors based on different heat: The flavors of Marou chocolate
    are taken form while being heated up in the roasting stage at the factory. The heat is
    an important factor making flavors distinguishable, which is quite unheard-of to the

  • The packaging: Marou chocolate’s packings are designed by Rice Creative
    studio, which decided to link the wrappers to Vietnam. Rice Creative chooses the
    hand-printed papers from Cho Lon. Chi An, a founding partner of the studio, said that
    they drew cacao pods, flowers, leaves, and clouds by hand with inspiration from
    illustration style. Plus, Rice Creative chooses to apply traditional silk-screen printing
    techniques to hand print the packaging before Marou takes responsibility for hand-
    wrapping their chocolate bars with exactly twenty-two folds. Another unusual thing
    on the packaging of Marou is the name of the province and the cocoa content. There

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The figure above demonstrates the comparison between cocoa content and the price
of five chocolate brands in the market. While choosing a chocolate bar, customers
tend to think about whether the amount of cocoa is high or not, because it is one of
the ways consumers assess chocolate’s quality. The higher the content of cocoa is,
the lower the amount of added sugar is, then the healthier the chocolate bar is
(Warrell 2016). It could be seen that Marou dominates cocoa percentage. Besides,
buyers also compare the products’ prices. Marou chocolate bars’ prices are quite high
compared with other brands in the Vietnam market, but still lower than Lindt’s ones.
Customers often choose KitKat with affordable prices and acceptable cocoa content,
or Mars which is more high-quality and priced reasonably.

Positioning Map 2: Crunchy-Smooth, Filling-Treat

One important attribute that customers often consider is whether the chocolate bar
is crunchy or not. Some people like smooth chocolate bars, while some prefer
those which have crunch texture. Marou chocolate belongs to the Smooth group, it
does not contain nuts such as peanuts in Snickers to create a crunchy feeling.
Besides, consumers can base on the energy-boosting level to choose a chocolate
bar. Snickers and Mars can replace a meal when buyers are in a hurry, while
Marou, Lindt, and KitKat are the good choices for a light treat.

Value Proposition: According to the two positioning maps above, it is apparent that
Marou brings to customers chocolate bars which cost higher than other brands in the
Vietnam market. However, the quality of their products is high as well. It proves that
Marou’s strategy is “More for More” – high quality is accompanied by a high price.


When it comes to Vietnam, people will not think of chocolate at first. However, in
recent years, Marou of Vietnam is a renowned global name. It was mentioned in top
newspapers such as The New York Times, Forbes. There are also Marou-branded dark
chocolate bars sold everywhere from the UK to Thailand. Up to now, although there are some
shortcomings in marketing strategies, Marou Chocolate has been recognized by the media as
having the most amazing product in the world in terms of quality and packaging.


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  • Figure 2. Domestic and International tourists in Vietnam in the period 2000-

Figure 3. Maison Marou free chocolate tasting class

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